About us

My partner Marije and I have been living in Amsterdam for over 18 years, and together we have three beautiful children: Kyan, Yara and Nova.

When we go on vacation, we want to experience our surroundings like the locals do. Soak up the culture and meet the young families of that particular country. Finding places to go and discovering the true local lifestyle can take up a lot of time. With this app, Brebble, I want to introduce you to life in Amsterdam as the local families live it! A completely child friendly experience! Finding information and routes is made simple, so you spend as little time as possible searching and planning. In no time you’ll have a tailored to do list for your time in Amsterdam, and you can start putting together easy routes based on your favorite locations. Navigating the city and living like a local has never been easier.

Enjoy Amsterdam, we hope to see you there!